How to disable Directory Browsing?

Disabling Directory Browsing from cPanel:

Login to your cPanel.

Step2: Go to Advanced (section).

Step3: Click on Indexes.

Step4: The directory tree will display. Select what level or folder you want disabled. If you want to disable the entire site then select “Up One Level” and select the domain.

Step5: Choose No Indexing. 

Step6: Save.

.htaccess Method to Disable Directory Website Listings for Blogs:    

Step1: Log into your hosting or connect via FTP.

Step2: Download the 
.htaccess file.

Step3: Open in a plain text editor. (you can also edit online with Temok hosting editor) 

Step4: Just add this line at the bottom;   
Options - Indexes

Step5: Upload new .htaccess file.

Note: always save the old file(s) under a different name by adding a prefix – just in case someting screw up (e.g. old2016htaccess).

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